Stevo Simple Boy Proposes To Diana

A threesome in the making?

By  | Jun 03, 2022, 07:24 AM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

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Call it an indecent proposal. Stevo Simple Boy went to shoot a cooking vlog with Diana Marua, but little did she know that he was also going to shoot his shot with her.

Diana has just released a teaser for a new YouTube video for her popular YouTube channel. On the latest episode, she invited musician Stevo Simple Boy who is currently ruling airwaves with his hit song Freshi Barida.

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The 30-second teaser posted on Diana's Instagram shows the celebrity duo in a kitchen setting, with Stevo working on some clonky looking chapati rolls. But we can't blame him, because his focus seems to be elsewhere- Diana herself.

Ever the master smooth talker, Stevo starts charming Diana by peppering her with compliments about her body, then making her laugh, and as soon as Diana drops her guard, he sudenly drops the big closing line that takes Diana completely off guard. It's like watching a master working on masterpiece.

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"Diana mambo vipi?" starts Stevo, "mambo poa Stevo," responds Diana. "Naona mwili yako iko sambamba," Stevo tells a smiling Diana, before she asks "unapenda mwili wangu?" Stevo confirms by dropping another gem of a Stevo-lingo, "hauna bongingo". Diana bursts out in laughter, and then Stevo moves in for the kill. "Mimi nigependa uwe mke wangu, je inawezekana?" Mic drop. The video ends with a happily suprised Diana, not believing what had just hit her.

Diana posted the teaser video with the caption:

Yaani, you call someone for a serious interview and out of the blues he Declares his love for me. I'm still in shock but we move on regardless.

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An unhappy Bahati obviously caught wind of Stevo's proposal to his wife, and he quickly moved onto the comments section to fight for his territory. "Freshi Barida kitu gani."

Will Stevo have Diana thinking twice about her current relationship status with Bahati by the end of the vlog? Don't bet against it. After all, in her previous vlog which featured her and husband Bahati playing a dangerous game of 'how well do you know me', Diana complained about Bahati's current busy schedule as he campaigns to become Mathare Member of Parliament:

"Ukiingia saa nane, utoke six. Ukujange mapema you give me my time. Ata saa hii niko hanye mbaya."

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Bahati also got insecure when Diana suggested that she may be still be in regular contact with one of her exes. It seems that it is Freshi Barida he should be worried about.

Diana's latest vlog with Stevo Simple Boy is set to premiere later today, June 3. Here are some comments from fans anticipating Diana's new vlog.

Stevo will be the end of me😂😂

si i thought stevo anapenda vienyeji

Pyuu😂😂if you don gerrit forget abourrit😂

can't get enough of Diana's videos
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