Ringtone Was Right? Video Of ‘Drunk Diana Marua' And Friend Leaves Fans Confused

Happy hour

By  | Sep 14, 2020, 03:19 PM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

Over and over again, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has shared and reminisced of how she used to drink and party all night before meeting Bahati. 
That, however, stopped as soon as they coupled up. Nowadays she claims she drinks water only.
Well, some fans are doubting. 
Marua and her new BFF Shiko Waweru posted a video over the weekend showing their dance moves and fans noticed a bottle of Hennessy on the table in the process. 
“I know I have two left feet 😝 I was not dancing coz I was enjoying myself, it's coz I was trying to forget the trauma that @shiccowaweru put me through earlier this day,” captioned Marua the video. 

Screenshot of the video.  

The subject of the post however quickly changed from dancing to the expensive drink as fans kept on insisting they have seen the bottle of cognac. 

Some started insisting Diana drinks alcohol and that’s the reason why they are posting the dance video. 

Hiyo Hennessy ni non alchoholic🤣🤣

Nimeona Hennessey😍🔥🔥
the.rill.shazz @annapaulamachez 😂😂😂😂me to nlijua diana hutei chini ya waba
qwinn_prom Hio henessy ina choma bana

Naona heinnesy happy nyuma nipitishie plz
The video comes at a time when Bahati has been fighting a firestorm for leaving gospel music to join the moral-depleted Gengetone genre. Singer Ringtone has also consistently been attacking the couple insisting they are not saved and just pretending. 

The two however have always ignored him choosing to go on with their daily happenings rather than fight with the veteran singer 
Cover Image: Instagram/Diana Marua