Things You Didn't Know About Diana's Past

Life is for the living

By  | Nov 17, 2022, 05:44 PM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

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Kenyans on Twitter have resurfaced an old video of content creator Diana Bahati confessing about her past.

Diana is known to have led a controversial life before he met with the singer, she is known to have dated a lot of people, something which has bothered men questioning why Bahati is unbothered by her past.

Diana start the video by narrating how she had multiples partners for money, 

'I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked the whole of my life, all I wanted was a good life. I dated guys for money.

Nilikuwa na mtu wa kunibuyia manguo, kunipeleka out ata baha akinimeet I used to him with a different car, i had everything. Kuna mtu anakupea 30k uku mwingine 20k mwingine 10k, that was my life." She explained.

She narrated how she had once dated a married man, she confided that she liked the guy so much.

"At some point, I was a side chick to a married guy, let me tell you I liked that guy sana." She concluded. Kenya on Twitter has so much to say after the video, many have said that life is as relatable as many girls who live like her.

NjeriMuchina: Diana B says she lacked so much growing up that it gave her no choice other than being a ho All she wanted was to fill her fridge till haifungiki for all the times she went hungry.

Řõððïę: That video by Diana B confessing to being a ho is just sad bro. She clearly said she had a bf for every reason. One for shopping, another for clothes, niqqa for rent. After all that bro...

ButterBullet: So Diana B was being given money from all these guys in exchange for services she hasn't mentioned her Body count ya huyu mama might be higher than Mr. Bahati's age.

Billy The GOAT: Diana B on the beat ama Diana B ame Beat, whatever you use can still work at this point coz some confessions zinafaa kuambiwa padre kwa confession booths.

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Diana Reacts To Bahati And Aggie Dirty Dancing
ahati is a man on a mission. Today, he dropped his third song within a month since his much-publicized hiatus after losing the Mathare election.

On the day when his comeback hit Mambo Ya Mhesh crossed one million views on YouTube, Mtoto Wa Mama treated his fans to a new tune. And this time, he put on his dancing shoes for what's sure to become a dancefloor favorite this coming festive season.

The new jam called My Beginning comes only a couple of days after the epic Mhesh remix which featured all-female collaborators, including his wife Diana B. But Diana is on the sidelines for this new one as a young, seductive Aggie the Dance Queen takes the reins and entreats Bahati to some sexy dancing that goes well with the incredible love ballad.

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