Fans Attack Diana Marua Over Break-up With Bahati

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By  | Dec 02, 2020, 11:01 AM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

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All is not well with the Bahati’s but at the same time fans feel that they are clout chasing for some reason. 

Part of the break up is both Diana Marua and Bahati adjusting their names. So far Mama Heaven has changed her name from Diana Bahati to Miss Dee while the guy now refers to himself as mtoto wa Mama from mtoto wa Diana.

Diana has been posting cryptic messages hinting as to why the marriage ended. She has also been showing off her new life and how happy she is now with her new chapter.

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Fans on social media had all sorts of assorted commentaries and remarks about their current situation with many bashing her that the relationship was based on pretence and show-off.

When she put up her post, Diana thought people would understand her but instead fans have been attacking her mercilessly.

One fan wrote;

“A lot of show off ruined your relationship, we all knew a lot was going on in you household that's why you and him you sugar coated everything to look as if you're living a perfect life where is we all know marriage is not a bed of roses.”

Another said;

''Wee dee stop pretending don't let pride ruin wat you had with Bahati you guys should solve it out msijifanye mko busy na zenka but deep down your hurting.''

Diana and Bahati have been going through this breaking up and getting back together seesaw for some time now. 

A few months ago, the two went through a similar phase. This led to Diana packing her bags and leave their house with their kids. 

“Work, work, and work every single day you are just busy you don’t even have time for us. A lot has been happening, he has been away from home most of the day. You always come back at midnight. Morgan saw you last when, don’t make me feel like a single parent.” 

She disclosed.

Well, this time round, their break-up may be becoming permanent, especially with Bahati showing signs of a rekindled romance with his ex and baby mama Yvette. 
Yvette and Diana have never liked each other, Bahati has been adding fuel to Diana’s anger with his posts on Instagram, celebrating how good of a mother Yvette is and their planned vacation. 

Diana who seems more mature compared to the two said;

“In some of our disagreements, each one of us knows/ thinks that I am right while the other is wrong and vice versa and we all know the end result of that... Relationships are not goals, they are hard work, commitment, perseverance and being mature enough to know that not every disagreement is worth arguing or fighting about. Maybe sometimes the best solution is to walk out for your own sanity.”

Though these were her sentiments before the alleged cheating happened. Given her recent posts, it seems she no longer feels the need to save the marriage anymore.

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