Diana Marua & Nimo Gachuiri Still Feuding

Two years later...

By  | Sep 20, 2021, 08:40 AM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

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Mr Seed has revealed that his wife, Nimo Gachuiri, and Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua are still beefing. Speaking to Mseto East Africa, the singer revealed that he felt like the beef was becoming too much for no reason so they decided to meet up with Bahati and settle things. Regarding Diana and Nimo, he said he didn’t want to force things .

Hawajawai patana. Meeting ilikuwa tu mimi na Bahati. Huwezi force issue. Huwezi force kitu yoyote. Unaona pia mimi sikufanya out of pressure ama sijui nafanyiwa nini. Mimi nilikaa tu chini nikaona inakuwa too much.

Mr. Seed revealed that the main reason why they decided to settle (even though their wives are still not seeing eye to eye) was because the feud was starting to get a little bit personal. It reached a point where the kids were involved. Seems like Mr. Seed had a lot to say. He had me when he said matusi kila mahali ikitoka hapo ikaingia kwa watoto. Heh! Whatever happens behind these closed doors! Well, we knew they were beefing but we didn’t know things were this ugly! 

Ilikifika point ikakuwa too much. Ikatoka from the industry issue. Ikaingia to personal issue, family issue. Ikaanza kunikwaza sana. Na yeye pia niko sure side yake ilikuwa pia ina mkwaza. Ikatoka hapo ikaingia kwa watoto. Sasa hapo ndio sasa niliona hii inakuwa too much. Matusi kila mahali mpaka kwa watoto wana compare, wa huyu ni handsome wako sijui anakaa sura mbaya.

In case you are new to this, let me update you. Mr Seed and Bahati started beefing in  2019 after Mr. Seed left EMB, Eastlands Most Beloved records. Mr. Seed had been signed there for two years so many wondered why would he leave after two years? Later on, it came to the public’s attention that the main reason why he left was thanks to an altercation between Diana and Nimo. Things got ugly that Diana allegedly called the police on Nimo.

According to word on the street, apparently, Nimo wanted to have a food stand in one of Bhati’s events, and Diana too, wanted to have something similar. Of course, Bahati had to choose his wife so it is alleged that he threw Nimo out. Mr. Seed in an old interview revealed that Bahati disrespected his wife and what followed is him leaving EMB records.
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We really hope that Diana and Nimo would reconcile soon. Just the way their husbands did, you know! The two are both amazing moms and can you imagine if Nimo, Mr. Seed, and Bahati could work together on a song and probably have Diana as the vixen (now that she can’t sing) I am pretty sure that would be the video of the year, the song aside. These two used to be the best of friends! Do you remember the photo where Diana was holding Nimo’s baby bump? Man how we miss that friendship! These two were making us feeling all jelly every time they stepped together serving us with friendship goals. May they reconcile soon! 

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