“Diana B Aliiba Line Ya Kifuniko Ya Gas”

Fan tracks down where Diana Marua supposedly stole lyrics

By  | Dec 03, 2021, 11:26 AM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

Diana Marua
Diana Marua has taken the music industry by storm, the YouTuber cum newest rapper on the block has shaken up the industry with her hit single Hatutaachana. However, a fan has revealed that the rapper might have stolen some of her lyrics from another artist.

Diana B’s hit single has been the talk of the town this whole week, thanks to the star’s simple way of delivering her catchy bars. One bar that really had people talking was one in which she described her’s and Bahati’s love for each other by noting that “Mapenzi tight ka kifuniko ya gas”.  Well, it's this line that has come under scrutiny.

The song in question is Gari Inajua Mtaa by Boondocks Gang and Danny Dee. in his verse the latter artist used a line that sounds almost similar.
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Danny Dee raps, “Tunawakaza ka kifuniko ya gas”. The fan was convinced that these were the same lines and paused the question in the comment section. So, do you think that the self-proclaimed queen of Afro rap could have stolen the line?

If found to be true, this could be a rare L for Diana B. The artist has been on a winning streak lately as her song reached a million views in 3 days. A feat which she noted that she was the first female Kenyan artist to ever have achieved.

She posted her achievement on Instagram and accessed her inner bravado (welcome to the rap game Diana B) to let the haters know that they can’t come close to the numbers she is putting up on her YouTube page and thus were just jealous of her latest achievements.

The star also promised fans that as soon as the song reaches 1 million views on YouTube she would release her next song. Upon reaching the number, Diana B has updated fans with an Instagram post noting that her new song would be dropping at 12 p.m. on 12/3/2021.
In her caption, she called on fans to guess the name of her next song before its release. What do you think Diana B will title her new single? Do you think her career is here to last?    

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