Diana Marua Gives Andrew Kibe A Taste Of His Medicine


By  | Mar 31, 2023, 06:29 PM  | Drama

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One of the most interesting beef is about to re-ignite and that is the feud between Andrew Kibe also known as Mr. Lambistic and his nemesis Diana Marua who he nicknamed Shush for being older than her husband Bahati. 

Yesterday Diana made a post on her Instagram asking him why he is always on her case while he is still poor. She went on to add a caption saying that without mentioning her name Kibe would have no career.
"  Just Discovered that Without mentioning Diana B! this jamaa will have no Career 😂😂😂 Issorait!"
Kibe has on countless occasions waged war on the Bahatis for various reasons. Diana has however never responded to him until now.

One time Kibe accused Diana of dominating her husband Bahati. He was explaining his point by analyzing a video Bahati and Diana had shared on their Youtube where Diana was getting an endorsement for a land company.

In the video, Kibe further explained that the dominance Diana was portraying was just the tip of the iceberg in regard to what happens behind closed doors.

Kibe compares the relationship between Bahati and Diana with that of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

According to Kibe Diana has been riding on Bahati's fame and without Bahati, she would not be as famous as she is neither would she win endorsement deals like she is winning now.

On Bahati's side, Kibe is of the opinion that he would be far ahead if he didn't have Diana as his wife. He argues that Diana's dominance over him has worked to drag the musician downwards.

Kibe has been reacting to different events and conversations regarding people in the entertainment industry. He has branded himself as a fighter for the boy child, and there has been an online debate on if he should be the one to replace the late Mzee Kibor as men's conference chairman

Bahati does the Beta lean

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And now, Bahati may have just proven Kibe right in his recent post on Instagram. Perhaps the aspiring member of parliament wants to go and run a constituency because he does not run his house.

In 2020, a viral twitter thread unveiled the concept of a Beta lean, which is where he analyzed celebrity couple photos showing that the men who appeared leaning into their woman felt weak, needy and lower value. The thread argued that a masculine posture is where the Alpha stands up straight, while a feminine Beta leans into their partner.

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"Leaning in shows neediness. Leaning away shows disdain. You are a man. You stand up straight. You live in YOUR world. She is part of your world, if she is lucky enough to be chosen by you. You DO NOT live in her world."
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And here is Diana's post, clearly showing the power dynamics of their relationship. Notice how Bahati leans into Diana who takes up a dominant, straight posture?
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