Diana Marua’s Sister Speaks About Her Drug Addiction

You only live once

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 04:23 PM  | Drama

Michelle Ngoje
Popular makeup artist and social media influencer Michelle Ngoje shared her experience of being addicted to drugs.

The star, who happens to be Diana Marua’s sister, was sharing her experience on her YouTube channel. Michelle noted in her video titled “let’s talk about s**” that she became addicted to weed while she was studying at Kenyatta University.

In the video, Michelle was reminiscing about her campus life and noted that after finishing high school she joined Kenyatta University. She added that her first year was fun as she was just “living life”. Michelle notes that she met the father of her kids (Ian) in her first year.

The star notes that she wishes someone would have told her about all the pressures and desires that come at a person when they are in university. She noted that it was during her stay in uni that she experienced a lot of her “firsts”. 

Michelle noted that it was her desire to fit in that led her to first start smoking weed, because everyone else was doing it. She pointed out that she did not know that years later she would get addicted to the substance and have a hard time getting out of that space. She added that she would give more information on the topic over time as it wasn’t the main goal of the video.  
As the title of her video suggests she wanted to talk about s** on the campus. She noted that she got pregnant while in her second year and she wanted to demystify the notion that being a teen mom is a glamorous life. 

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Michelle informed her fans that she got pregnant with twins while in her second year, at the time she was 19-years-old. She noted that telling her father about it was the hardest thing that she had to do. However, her father was very understanding and just wanted to understand what her plans were since she was in the predicament.

The artist added that her pregnancy disrupted both her schooling life and her work life (as she was working while she was in school). She noted that even though she seems like she has everything under control. There was once a time that she had not figured anything out and all she had was a good support system around her.   

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