I Only Love One Person- Diamond To Tiffah On Who Broke Their family

Denies having kids with Hamisa and Tanasha

By  | Oct 13, 2022, 01:47 PM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

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Tanzania celebrated bongo singer Diamond Platnumz has recently denied having other kids.

In a video posted by the singer, Diamond revealed that he was in South Africa and last night his daughter Tiffah and son Nillan asked to talk with both their parents, i.e Zari and Simba.

The kids wanted to know who broke the family, Tiffah confessed that her mama told her that Zari had told her the reason that they broke up is that Diamond had children with her other girlfriends. Diamond denied the claims saying he did not other children. 

Talking to the kids, the singer told them that they were his only children and that the others were for his music videos. The debate heated and Diamond assured them that he only loves one person. 

"I told you I only love one person, and that is mama Tee." Diamond said, in this case referring to Zari. Zari went on to confess that she loves Diamond very much and that she did not break the family. "I love papa very much." She said.

Tiffah claimed that her mum only spent time with her new bae and never with her dad, in response to that Zari said that she creates equal time to be with her kids. The internet has gone frenzy and many have suggested that they mend their differences and reunite their family once again. 

Diamond And Zari Again
It is an open secret that the relationship between Diamond and Zari goes behold them being just two exes. The former lovers are more than that. For starters, they are parents to two beautiful kids. Their relationship however appears to be deeper than that. Despite both having moved on from their relationship, fans are way convinced that the two to some extent still have some feelings for each other. Let me explain.

Over the weekend their daughter Tiffah was celebrating her seventh birthday and both parents were there to celebrate with her.

In the videos shared on Diamond's Insta story, it was undeniable that the Mtasubiri hitmaker adores his baby girl Tiffah. There has always been a rumor that Diamond is biased when it comes to how he shows his affection to his children going by how he treats Tiffah. Still, on the same weekend, he flew from South Africa to Kenya on a private jet with the daughter for a performance he had at the Azimio rally and later on flew back.

What could not go unnoticed was the closeness between Diamond and his baby mama Zari. Everyone could tell the chemistry between the two was flawless going from how they could be seen talking to each other to how they were holding each other in the event.

This was also portrayed not too long ago when they both appeared on the Netflix show Young, famous and African. The South African-based socialite regretted that she had everything going well for her, Diamond, and their children but he ruined it.

On the other hand, Diamond regretted the things he did to lead to their breakup.

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