The Revelations and Confessions of Diamond’s Family

The soap opera that is the Dangote family

By  | Jan 21, 2021, 09:07 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

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Diamond Platnumz’s family has been courting controversy lately. Confession after confession is rocking the airwaves. Diamond himself is trying to keep everything under control so that his fans and sponsors don’t get turned off. But there’s only so much you can control when it comes to your family skeletons coming out of the closet. Here are a few of the confessions from the Platnumz clan that have surprised everyone.

The confessions.

  1. Diamond knew who his real father was!

In an interview with Tanzanian news outlet Bona TV, Diamond's grandmother, Mwanaisha Mrisho, said the singer knew his real dad. She said she finally met Diamond in 2002, when he paid her a visit. She also attended events concerning his children, who would technically be her great-grandchildren. He would even introduce his grandma as the ‘mother of my father’ at these gatherings. This implies that Diamond had already known that Mzee Abdul was not his real father! 

2. Diamond’s new-found biological sister.

In the middle of all the family drama, a lass named Chiya Mo has come out stating she is Diamond’s biological sister. She unveiled a photo of herself and Diamond on social media, along with the caption ‘blood brother’. Let’s see what further updates come from this corner!

3. Mama Dangote reveals Esma Khan isn’t Diamond’s real sister.

You win some, and then you lose some. In Diamond’s case, we’re talking about sisters! Mama Dangote revealed the shocking news that Esma isn’t Diamond’s blood sister. She adopted Esma from her own sister, making her Diamond’s cousin.

4. Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s real father!

Now we know that Diamond was in touch with his real father’s family. But remember when Mama Dangote first revealed that Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s biological father? It was shocking news. His real father was another man named Mzee Salum Nyange, who is no more. Mzee Abdul didn’t take the news very well. He has since demanded that Diamond stop using the Juma name. 

5. Esma Khan’s abortion controversy.

Esma recently revealed that she had terminated her pregnancy. She was married to businessman Msizwe. The marriage had turned rocky and when Esma found herself pregnant, she decided to terminate the pregnancy. Msizwe claims he didn’t know about this and is threatening to book a legal case against Esma.

6. Diamond’s mother is with a much younger man.

Diamond’s mom, Mama Dangote, regularly gives us juicy gossip. One of them is that she is with a man who is much younger than her. The fellow is allegedly in his 30s while Mama is in her 50s. The two are apparently married now.

These are the most shocking recent confessions coming from the Diamond clan. Diamond says he is ready to address his family issues in an interview. But it will have to be at the right place and at the right time. We’re all curious to know how Diamond feels about all these events.

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