Harmonize Leaves Fans Dazed After Narrating How Ex Begged His Former Boss Diamond Platnumz To Give Her A Baby


By  | Aug 14, 2020, 10:45 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

It’s been three years now since singer Harmonize and ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper parted ways but it’s evident they are still hurting. Or at least Harmonize is. 
The two have been publicly exchanging words now and then even after moving on and getting new lovers. 
Harmonize recently made a damming confession claiming that Wolper was secreting trying to sleep with fellow singer and Harmonize’s boss then, Diamond Platnumz.
Jacqueline Wolper. Photo: Twitter/Jacqueline Wolper

In fact, Harmonize claims Wolper was only with him so that she could get close to Diamond. 
According to Harmonize who is now married to Italian lover Sarah Michelotti and are expecting their firstborn, Wolper tried taking Diamond to bed several times and even insisted she wants a baby by him a thing that stressed Diamond to the core.
“Speaking from my heart, and I have never told anyone, she told Diamond kwamba I will give you a son,” said Harmonize in an interview. 
Diamond doesn’t drink but Harmonize claims he had to so that he could confess to him how his ex was a snake. 
“She even told Diamond that I am just hanging out with Harmonize so that I can get closer to you. Diamond was shattered, he had to take alcohol in order to share this information.”
Harmonize and wife Sarah Michelotti. Photo: The Star
Harmonize further regretted dating Wolper saying that he took care of her and even gave her money to start her business but all she did was backstab him. Harmonize claimed he gave her Ksh 1.3 million for her business, bought her a car but Wolper wasn’t thankful. 
Wopler hasn’t addressed the allegations yet. And given that Diamond and Harmonize are not seeing eye-to-eye, Diamond might not bother giving his side of the story. 
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