Diamond's Sister Esma Might Be Going To Jail

She commited a crime and bragged about it..smh

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Diamond Platnumz’s sister, Esma Khan might be going to jail if her ex husband Msizwe gets his way. Esma revealed that she terminated her husband’s pregnancy as she never loved him and would not want to sire children with someone she does not love.

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Esma was in hospital late last year and in a recent Instagram Live session, she confirmed rumours that she aborted the baby. She said;

“Those asking whether I terminated his pregnancy,The answer is Yes because I can’t sire with a man whom I don’t have feelings for. So this means if I had given birth to that baby, I wouldn’t have loved it. You need to sire with someone you love,” 

After her revelation, her ex husband Msizwa now wants the government to take action. He asked the authorities to arrest her for aborting their child. In an interview with Wasafi media, Msizwe said;

“It is not something to be proud of and to also come out and admit it, even our government doesn’t allow such things. No reason can make a human being do such a horrible thing. If the Tanzanian government is really there, then they should take action on her. She never told me but her friends had told me she was about to do that thing. I leave it to God."
When Esma got admitted in the hospital after complications from the abortion, she denied it at first but later on admitted to have terminated the pregnancy. She shot at her critics saying;

“So stop attacking me with the fact that I aborted the pregnancy. I married him to enjoy the lap of luxury shortly like one week and we separate, so tried to be with him for months, we agreed to get into marriage and then go on with our separate lives, so I’m not in love and I didn’t want to get a child in the first place.”

Msizwe also said he had taken back his BMW X6 which was a wedding gift for Esma. When asked whether they can ever reconcile he said; 

"I can never live with someone who is able to take someone else’s life."

Msizwe also lamented on the things he had to endure while married to Esma. He said;

"She has done a lot to me. There are many things she didn’t have but got from me and took them away. She sold them and ran away."

Their divorce is not yet finalized but according to Esma, she is divorced. She and Mziswa tied the knot at a celebrity-packed wedding last year but broke up barely three months into the marriage.

She was married in an Islam wedding as the third wife to the Tanzanian-South African based businessman.

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