Diamond Platnumz Sparks Beef With Nigeria's Wizkid?

Ala! Drama tu!

By  | May 05, 2022, 03:17 PM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

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Word on the street is that popular Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has beef with Nigeria’s Wizkid and let’s just say that things are not looking so good for our 31st boy. 

This is after a post was making rounds on Twitter that shows how far Chibu has beat top selling artists like Wizkid and even the beloved Burna Boy. 

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So at first, there really was no beef because clearly the post was just a means to prove and show how well Diamond is doing in the industry. 

That however seems not to have been the case for Wizkid fans who seem to think that Diamond is now declaring war on their favorite artist. 

This is after a tweep took to saying that Diamond is now allegedly throwing shade at Wizkid saying that all his songs are sampled from Wizkid’s album. 

Not only that, the angry netizen also went ahead to demand that Wizkid sue Diamond for always sampling his songs. 

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So what the netizen is trying to say is that Diamond’s songs are not original and that most of them are inspired by Wizkid's songs which we all know cannot be true. 

But fellow Star boy fans in the comment section seem to agree and have even gone ahead to mercilessly drag Diamond saying that he should be ashamed of himself. 

According to them, Diamond should not be compared to Wizkid because apparently his career has never crossed any borders the way that Star Boy has. What do you think? 

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Of course, at this point in time, neither artist has actually coke forth to address these allegations and we can only assume that this is a pure understanding amongst fans and not even between the two stars. 

One thing that we do know for sure is that Wizkid’s fans have proven that they will not go down with a fight, or in this case accept Diamond’s defeat because Simba really is shining and he knows it. 

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Beef or not, it goes without saying that our 31st boy is really taking the industry by storm. But despite his successes it seems that he always has to run into one challenge after the other, but it is good to see that he has managed to hack them all. 

Just recently, it was reported that his YouTube account had been shut down after it was found to be in violation of community guidelines. 

How though? Well, according to YouTube presenter Vincent Mboya, Diamond’s account was hacked and compromised after the culprits decided to use the platform to talk about topics that are not allowed on the streaming platform. 

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Well, good news is that they were finally able to retrieve the account and Chibu is back to doing what he does best.

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