Diamond Not Paying His Artists Enough

The beef explained..

By  | Feb 23, 2021, 08:09 PM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

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There is beef going on between Wasafi and Harmonize, it all started when Rayvanny posted a video of him kissing a young girl. Harmonize was not impressed with that and he camped outside a police station wanting Rayvanny arrested for sleeping with a minor.

Well, the beef did not begin from there. Harmonize and Rayvanny have been beefing for close to a year. It is rumoured that Rayvanny is in a relationship with Harmonize's ex mother in law.

It get's even messier. Rayvanny has been eyeing Harmonize's ex mother in law ms Michellotti because she own a couple of casinos in Dar-es-alam.

Harmonize who was married to Sarah Michellotti was also goldigging the family and after they broke up and he begun dating actress Kajala, Rayvanny saw an opportunity to get the old lady and still piss off Harmonize by dating Kajala's young daughter.

Rayvanny apparently offered himself to Sarah’s mum; hoping to enrich himself life Harmonize did while married to Sarah Michelloti.

When the news broke, Rayvanny tried to hid his gigolo ways by dating Kajala's daughter.

According to blogger Original East, Rayvanny is and has not been in love with Paula Kajala; but is using her as a cover up to avoid people finding out about his relationship with Mama Sarah Michelloti. Talk about gold digging.

This is very suspect behaviour given the fact that they work under Diamond Platinumz and the Wasafi dynasty is worth millions. It begs the question, isn't Diamond paying his artists well enough? Why are they selling themselves out to become golddiggers? and will the beef end up in court? Only time will tell.

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