Diamond Bashed For Faking It In Thirst Trap Photos

Star didn’t see the hate coming

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 05:25 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Drama

Diamond Platnumz
Superstar Diamond Platnumz is one of the most followed celebs on Instagram. The star popularly referred to as Simba has over 13 Million followers on his page It’s not hard to see why though, as he always keeps them entertained with a steady stream of wonderful videos and photos of his flashy lifestyle.

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Recently, however, the star faced a bit of backlash for posting an unbuttoned shirt thirst trap photo to his page. On his part, Simba must have been feeling good about his appearance, as his recent posting was a slideshow of himself in an unbuttoned purple outfit.

Diamond must have been feeling so good about the photos that he didn’t even bother to caption the slideshow. He just let the pictures do the talking, and talky they did; the problem is that they revealed that Diamond was faking it all along.

One of the star’s more famous fans, Kenyan actress Wanjiku Stephens, pointed out something that most people might have missed while looking at the photos (look at eagle eyes over here). The actress noted that Diamond’s last photo on the slideshow was a bit different.
Wanjiku Stephens questions Diamond for the culture.

She pointed out that Simba’s rock-hard abs; which were visible in the previous photos had miraculously vanished, Wanjiku pointed out her observation with a simple question, and other fans were quick to join in bashing Diamond as they also wondered why the pics looked so different. 

Some fans pointed out that Simba had used photoshop to edit his photos.

Others pointed out that the star had to exhale eventually in order to breathe, and that’s when the last photo was taken.   

Most of the fans couldn’t contain their laughter over Wanjiku’s question and just responded with laughing emojis.

Wanjiku was recently in the news for her statements about whether the Kenyan acting industry compensates its talents accordingly. The star noted that it is up to actors, and people in the industry, to head to the negotiation table with something different to offer as their negotiating tool.
She pointed out that even though she can’t speak for the entire acting industry, in her own personal experience, negotiating her pay according to what she has to offer has served her well throughout her career. 

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