Kenya's Dance Hall Artist Involved In Road Accident

Action caught on camera

By  | Apr 23, 2021, 05:53 AM  | Drama

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Kenya's billionaire rapper Karuga Kimani alias KRG the Don was involved in a road accident along an unidentified highway.

The accident occurred after a female motorist in a minicar knocked the rapper's SUV from the rear.

Following the minor accident, KRG came off his vehicle, went to the female motorist, and confronted her.

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From a video posted online, the rapper is heard question how the woman could afford to knock his "mountain-like" vehicle with her small car.

"Umegonga gari yangu, shuka shuka uone kitu umefanya sasa.... Sasa ona hii gari (pointing at the woman's vehicle)  imegonga hii yangu," the Kairetu hitmaker is heard telling the lady.
KRG the Don. Photo: Instagram

"V8 na Vitz, sasa hii madharau imefika wapi madam?... Gari kadogo kama huu inagonga gari kubwa kama huu?" the rapper posed.

He further accused the woman of seriously being affected by corona that she could not even see the vehicle ahead of her.

"Sasa hii ni kisirani gani unataka kunipatia kando ya barabara?... Gari kadogo kama hii unataka kusumbua nayo watu hapa town," he added as he notified other motorists that he was soon clearing the highway for them.

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As he left the scene, he took some cash from his pocket and threw them on the face of the lady, accusing her of having money problems.

"Wewe uko na tabu ya pesa, kula hio pesa kidogo ushibe," the rapper said as he threw the money on the woman's face leaving her still distorted while on the highway.

The dancehall artist's action just proved why he is regarded as the wealthiest entertainer in Kenya. He once claimed that his net worth is over a million.

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According to him, he is a billionaire with regards to the car collections and vast lands he owns.
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