Netizens Tear Into Corazon For Taking A Swipe At Frankie

Is she perhaps taking this too far?

By  | May 13, 2022, 08:12 AM  | Corazon Kwamboka  | Drama

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The drama never seems to end where Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie are concerned. For the past few days, the former love birds seem to have been taking jabs at each other and from where we are sitting, it looks like Corazon is the one having the last laugh.

Or so we thought… 

Just recently, the mother of two took to her Instagram in yet another funny video where she seeks to address the claims that she is being blamed for presumably breaking the relationship she had with fitness coach Frankie Just Gym It. 

In the video, Corazon is heard saying or rather lip syncing the words, “I did not open the door, I found the door open…I didn’t touch the door”

Well, as you can already imagine, from the video, it is clear that Corazon is trying to say that she was not responsible for their relationship breaking which can only therefore mean that she is throwing the blame back to Frankie. 

If you can recall, it was just the other day when Frankie had also taken to his social media in a subliminal message that made it seem like it has always been the women in his life who are toxic, in this case, Corazon and her other baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

And while neither of the women responded to these claims then, it seems that Corazon has finally decided to give what seems to be her side of the story but fortunately or unfortunately, netizens have chosen to spin the story against her altogether. 

Taking to the comment section, while many seemed to have laughed it all off saying that Corazon is choosing violence, the overall sentiment is that it’s time for the former couple to get their life together and move on!

Not a day goes by without them making headlines for always taking a swipe at each other and it looks like netizens are quickly growing tired of the drama.  

Many have gone ahead to put her on blast saying that she is the one who brought all the chaos into her life because if she was wise, she would have never gotten into a relationship with Frankie, especially after he dumped his first baby mama.


In fact, netizens have gone ahead to say that Corazon is giving too much relevance to Frankie on her page when she should be focusing on herself and raising her children instead. What do you think? Is it time they finally let go and lead their own lives? 

Was it not just the other day when in a similar fashion, Corazon sent yet another subliminal message to Frankie saying that her motivation to go to the gym everyday was that she had to be the hotter ex? 

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