Corazan Finally Speaks On Breakup With Frankie

Karma is a b**tch

By  | Jul 27, 2020, 07:17 AM  | Corazan Kwamboka  | Drama

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The break up between Corazan and Frankie caused a stir within the Kenyan entertainment industry circles as the good looking couple had been the envy of almost everyone who was looking at getting into a relationship of their own. 

The two had been trending for more than a week after they came out to publicly say they are dating and that they are expecting their first child soon.

The backlash then came after Frankie's ex pointed out that Corazon was an issue when they were still married. Now Corazon has started a fire on social media after posting that Karma has hit her too soon. Upon further investigation, the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram and that usually means a breakup.

Photo Credit: Edgar Obare

Relax guys, they are very much together. Of course this news got to the team master, Edgar Obare who then reached out to Corazon. Can we just say the two are now friends after the tea was spilled.

She responded to him with a picture of Frankie in the car with him affirming they are still together.

Photo Credit: Edgar Obare

Since the unnecessary drama was getting out of hand with the two trending in groups, she put up insta stories making things very clear. We could hear Frankie's voice in the back ground so definitely they have not broken up.

All they want is to keep their relationship private.

Photo Credit: Mpasho
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