The Cheaters Edgar Obare has exposed!

Doing the work of God

By  | Jul 31, 2021, 01:59 PM  | Drama

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We can agree on one thing. Even though Edgar Obare has sort of formed himself into a pop culture gossip legend and most people probably do not like him very much, he has done more for the public than many people care to admit at this point. 
Yes, he's broken several relationships, but he's made others somewhat stronger than they were before.! 
Here, are just four of the men that he exposed as cheated in the past. 


Edgar made major news that day when he exposed DJ Mo for the cheater he was when he cheated on Size 8 with a model from another country. 
That day was one of the greatest days on social media. The model came up to Edgar saying that she had things she wanted to be exposed to, that she was having an affair with one of the biggest faces in entertainment but he wasn't treating her so well and she was fed up with it.  
She came forward with pictures and everything, Dj Mo and Size 8 never addressed the rumours though and they didn't break up either!

Terrence Creative

This expose was done somewhat very differently though. This time, it wasn't a lady that came fourth rather one of his minions that came through and revealed what had been happening behind the scenes. It turns out that Milly had been knowing what was happening this whole time and not only was she threatening the lady, but she apparently did not have any plans to leave Terrence. 
The two are more than happy now, or so it seems so.

Professor Hamo

When the story of the affair between Jemutai and Professor Hamo came out, one thing that people did not realise was that Profesor had been cheating on his wife with Jemutai!
It was one part of the entire saga that people ignored. What's even more bizarre is that they are still ignoring it to date because it seems that they have begun a whole new relationship together. 

Nick Ndeda

The steaming relationship between Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda has been the word on everybody's mouth for about a week now. Edgar went to work, as he expected. He revealed some news that many people found to be very suspicious. 
Nick has been married before and though he says that he is divorced, he is too. He is just separated from his wife and estranged from his two children. 
Very interesting turn of events that nobody really expected but then there always seems to be a twist with these things!
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