'Chali Yako Anajua Nimeiva Kukuliko.'- Kinuthia Throws Shade


By  | Mar 17, 2023, 03:23 PM  | Drama

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Content creator and influencer Kinuthia has thrown shade at women.

Kinuthia shared a photo bragging that he is more beautiful than most women. He went on to say that even men are aware of his beauty and cannot compare him to their girlfriends.

"Imagine hadi chali yako anajua nimeiva kukuliko" He captioned one of his photos. He wore a dela and a hair bonnet. His fans have hilariously asked him to quit the hate.

zubeida01: Whoa ,kinuthia now ur out of line hii ni hate speech

jendekac:Aaaaaah kinuthia achanga jokes sasingine

richliz_kitchen: Siku Moja tushtue na photo shoot ya your original self, what I mean is before you become a woman. As a man that is

Kinuthia loves entertaining his fans while referring to himself as a woman. On Women's Day, he shared a photo of himself and his mother wearing matching blue dresses with patches of Ankara, celebrating women.

"Happy women’s Day to us," Kinuthia captioned. This is not the first time that Kinuthia has hinted that he identifies as a woman. He loves referring to himself as a girl.'

"A small girl with a big God 🥰❤️ 2023 we are counting big blessings." Kinuthia captioned a photo he was rocking a black and white high-low dress.

This is not the first time the question of his sexuality has come up, and the content creator has been avoiding it. He has even found himself in messy situations with presenters who ask questions related to his sexuality.

The content creator recently expressed his displeasure with a renowned media personality who asked him a question that he deemed improper.

Since he came into the limelight the content creator has made a name for himself because of his outfits, he loves dressing like a woman, from his nails to his hairstyle to his expensive clothes.
Kinuthia admitted that it was hard for people to understand his choices, which is probably why he did not dress like a woman at his uncle's burial to not attract attention.

According to Kinuthia, many people do not understand that he prefers to put on ladies’ clothes, accessories, and makeup to market his brand. He is the brand ambassador for various shops and brands dealing with women's clothes, handbags, nail parlors, and wigs.

He divulged that there was a time when he was stopped from getting into the gents' room because the person who was manning the door thought he was a lady.

 “I went to Village Market with my friends. After sharing a meal, I decided to go to the washroom. Before I entered, someone told me to stop, but I did not listen to him. I lacked words to express myself. What would I have told him?"  Kinuthia Narrated. 

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