Celebs React To Wash Wash Exposé

This is sickening

By  | Aug 31, 2021, 07:57 AM  | Drama

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Let’s be honest. Celebrities get involved in scandalous situations and thanks to this, they become the topic of discussion for the longest time. There is always something to talk about when it comes to celebrity scandals. Some dramas seem to be worse than others. It is safe to say that one of the biggest scandals to date has to be cheating- until the tea master happened. Last week, Edgar Obare via his instastories exposed some of the most influential celebrities that are believed to be making a living from fraudulent money laundering schemes. The celebrities who have been mentioned in the scandals responded to the claims, with some of them 'swearing on their parents’ graves' saying they have no idea what is going on while some expressed their disappointments.

Tanasha Donna

Just like she said in her statement, Tanasha is not a celebrity who addresses rumours- unless it is necessary. The sawa hitmaker said that things were getting out of hand so she had to speak out. She was ‘surprised’ that someone would just wake up one morning and start making up fake stories about her in the name of clout. In the exposé, one of Edgar’s followers revealed that the BMW Tanasha owns was given to her by the late businessman Kevin Omwenga. Tanasha maintained that she works hard and everything that she owns at the moment is through her hard work and sweat. She ended her statement and termed the allegations as sickening.


Radio king Jalang’o  was not going to let everything said about him slide. He took it to his morning breakfast show to set the record straight. The MC-cum-comedian said that he never knew someone would question his integrity and how he makes his money since he is not a fraudster. Speaking to his co-host Kamene Goro, Jalang’o swore that he has never stolen from anyone and has never been involved in dirty deals. He further said he is a hard worker who earns his money in the right ways. 

Betty Kyallo

Talk about being unbothered. I guess being a celebrity means being ready to take in anything that is said about you at any point in life. Have you ever heard a rumour about yourself and you were like, oh, again? That is exactly how Betty responded to a fan who asked her if it was true she was involved in the wash wash scandal. She calmly responded with a ‘lol’ and added a laughing emoji at the end.

Egar Obare went missing in action and yesterday before revealing that his Instagram account had been deactivated. He rushed to his second account to make his statement saying My main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored…

Concern is massively growing online with people questioning the safety of the blogger. However, there is also a section of netizens who think that he intentionally deactivated his account causing a heated debate on Twitter that made him trend. Judging from the tweets, a large number of netizens are concerned by the sudden disappearance of his main page and safety. 

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