Carol Katrue Pregnant Barely A Month After Welcoming Her Son

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By  | Mar 18, 2023, 02:24 PM  | Drama

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Female Mugithi musician Carol Katrue has revealed that she is expecting her second child barely a month after welcoming her first.

Carol shared this on her Instagram, asking how it could be possible. The news took her by surprise. Carol and her boyfriend Miracle Baby just had their first child.

"Wasomii ndo naneed pekee apa, ni wiki tatu tangu delivery ya mjunior hii nayo inajitokeza." Miracle baby said while showing off a positive pregnancy test kit.

Some women have claimed that she is not pregnant. "The body hasn’t cleared HCG hormone yet. That’s why the test is positive a month after giving month. This does not mean you are pregnant." One fan said.
"There's one thing people don't get😂😂!! And people need to be enlightened 😉😉. Up to 6weeks post-delivery, the HCG levels are still relatively high. 

So, when you take a pregnancy test post-delivery and you've been exclusively breastfeeding, the results will be positive. Munachezwa hapa na hamuoni😂. Hata 3 weeks post-delivery dem gani hukua ashapeana. 

Kwani huku nje madem watu hamjipendi. The uterus needs time for involution. New mums, make it 6 weeks then upeane. It's important Healthy uterus, healthy womanhood." An online doctor explained.

Carol and Miracle Baby have become a power couple. The two have ventured into content creation months after collaborating on songs. With their most viewed song at 4.5 million views on Youtube.

She refuted claims that she is his 5th baby mama. In an interview with Eve Mungai, Carol stated that all the rumors about Peter having four baby mamas were not true and that she is not aware of any of them.

She went on to say that the only lady who came out to accuse the singer years ago was just clout-chasing. The lady had accused him of being a deadbeat.

Carol contended that if he had other baby mamas, they would have come out or wanted to be introduced to his fans over time. She also vowed to never expose her child to social media.

Miracle Baby recently left his show at Royal Media Services a few weeks ago. Talking about why he left, Carol revealed that he left because he had worked for the company for over five years.

She also said that now that he is a father, he needs to spend more time at home. She also said that he wanted to focus on other projects and that he saw it as fitting to give other young people an opportunity.

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