Bridget Achieng’s Son Throwing Money Around! (Video)

Pesa ni mingi, inawasumbua

By  | Jul 01, 2021, 03:00 PM  | Drama

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Socialite Bridget Achieng last month made headlines after her nudes broke the internet. At that time, Bridget was in Nigeria for business. According to an unknown source, she was there to allegedly prostitute. To which the socialite rubbished the claims. 

Blogger Edgar Obare shared a conversation between him and the socialite begging him not to share the nudes, but who is Edgar? The tea master went ahead and shared the photos. In the video, we could see Bridget getting dressed as she was talking to someone. She did not know she was being recorded at the time the video was being taken. Since then, Bridget has been criticised on social media. She has been abused and body-shamed; some fans have called her out, saying she does not look like what she posts.

Word on the street was Bridget was broke. That is why she was in Nigeria in the first place. Days after the matter had cool down, she went on social media and revealed that she was selling her son’s Instagram account since she didn’t want him to be bullied the way she was. Bridget said that her son was free to open an account for himself when he was all grown. She further said that he did not want him to blame him for bringing him to the limelight.  She wrote: 

Good morning guys, I have been going through a lot, and it made me think hard about a lot of things. Like if one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been, I will not be able to forgive myself, that is why I will protect him at any cost, I don’t want him to one day blame me for bringing him to the limelight and maybe he is destined for something else. When he is old enough to decide for himself, if he wants to be on social media I’ll allow him to do so, until then he is not going to have an IG account, so guys  am selling his Instagram account that is at 33.8k followers.

From what we can see, the account is still being run by her, meaning she did not manage to sell it. Or maybe she was not serious about it. Bridget is busy trying to prove to people that she is not as broke as people may think. Why else would she post videos of her son playing with thousands of shillings? Let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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