Brenda Wairimu's Underwear Drama

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By  | Mar 16, 2021, 08:33 AM  | Brenda Wairimu   | Drama

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Brenda Wairimu apologized to her friends and fans whom she spent time with over the weekend after her underwear drama.

The actress explained that she wore a see-through dress unknowingly after fans called her out. She shared the photo of the dress on social media and apologized saying that it was so embarrassing.

The Monica TV drama actress is gearing up for the return of the show for a third season after Showmax renewed it. A sneak-peek released this year showed Monica’s perfect life as a woman on top of the world, juggling two romances before her love life and career begins to crumble.

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In 2020 Brenda went on a meltdown on social media telling off individuals who have been saying that she has been featuring in numerous movies, and should now allow other upcoming actresses to shine.

“Why do people keep saying I’ve been in EVERY Kenyan movie? I’ve been in TWO. And I will be in more if it means feeding my family and paying my rent. It’s our livelihood, our job….do u ask doctors to treat two patients then retire?” Wairimu asked.

Brenda made her debut in the local acting scene back in 2009 when she appeared on the drama series Changing Times. She was later was featured in the popular soap opera Mali where she played the character, Lulu. The actress also starred in the popular African drama Shuga in 2012.

Wairimu in an interview with a local publication opened up on the life of an entertainer in Kenya and painted a grim picture of what takes place behind the scenes.

"It's a very present evil, and sometimes we are forced to put our heads down and take it just so we can continue to put food on the table."

"People are slowly and surely getting outed for what they put women and girls through. The only thing remaining is for justice to get served, too," Wairimu said.

Her love life has remained a mystery since breaking up with rapper Juliani, with whom they share a child together about three years ago.

“When you are in a relationship this person affects you more than any other person can. Since I have been by myself I have not felt lonely. I have not felt the need to go out there and find someone. I was in a long relationship and I gave it a lot so I guess I’m gaining that pole pole,” Brenda stated.

There were rumours that following her split with Juliani, she was dating fellow actor Ephy Saint. The two play boyfriend and girlfriend on the TV drama series Monica. Their screen chemistry has been rumoured to have been brought into real life.

“Our work takes a strong person to be with someone who pretends to be in love with someone else for TV and the people take my on-screen relationship with a lot of seriousness. They feel it’s real and think those are dating, those ones they must have had something before but it’s just literally for TV,” Brenda said.

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