Brenda Jons: Sexuality Is Who You Are

Star responds angrily to fan

By  | Nov 01, 2021, 03:01 PM  | Drama

Brenda Jons
When Brenda Jons announced she was doing a Q&A on her Instagram stories her fans took the opportunity to get to know their favorite YouTuber a bit better. The session was going swimmingly until a fan decided to ask whether the star is still gay or not.

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Brenda revealed that she had some time on her hands today as she was bedridden due to an illness that has her feeling down in the dumps. She noted that she suspects she is just tired as she’s been pushing her body to the limit. 

One fan got to Brenda with a provocative question. The fan asked the YouTuber whether she is still gay. Brenda was annoyed by the question and responded angrily to the fan. She told the fan that sexuality isn’t a choice but a defining characteristic of someone. 

Another fan seemed to get Brenda back in her good moods, as she asked the star whether she felt more in tune with herself since coming out as gay. Brenda let the fan know that since coming out she has been living her truth and she has never felt freer in her life. 

The Youtuber recently came out as gay to the public. She made the announcement with a very steamy video of her getting super cozy with a lady on her Instagram live.

She went on to let people know that the lady in the video was indeed her girlfriend, apart from introducing her girlfriend, Brenda also accused Phoina of stealing her former girlfriend. She went on to say a lot of mean things about Phoina as she was showing the girl that she had moved on with. 

The video quickly went from steamy to sad as a crying Brenda recalled how she once went to visit Phoina at her house and asked the security guard if her girlfriend (describing her)  had been there before, to her surprise the security guard revealed that she always goes there.


Brenda has come a long way since posting the infamous video. She seems to be in a better place now as her recent postings have been positive.

We're glad she found love and is happy. We wish her a quick recovery from her illness
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