Boutross Confirms The Viral N*de Photos Are His

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By  | Mar 19, 2023, 02:10 PM  | Drama

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Days after his explicit photos were leaked by an unidentified lady, Angela hitmaker Boutross has come out to acknowledge that the photos were indeed his though they were taken four years ago by a vixen during a video shoot.

While talking to Milele fm presenter Ankali Ray Boutross faulted the Tea Master Edgar Obare for sharing the photos in his Telegram channel without even trying to reach out to the artist to hear his side of the story. Boutross has however said he does not plan to take any legal action against the lady or the Tea master since what is done is done.

The lady leaked the photos for money at Edgar Obare's BNN premium. The lady claimed that she escorted the hitmaker Angela in 2021 while on a music video shoot in Mombasa. Silverstone procured the services of an escort, which they failed to pay as agreed.

The lady stated that his management failed to pay, prompting her to sell the nude at Edgar's. In the chat, the lady asked for her identity to be concealed.
The photos are of Boutross sleeping in his hotel room in Mombasa, undressed. The lady says she took the photos before leaving.  

Boutros is now riding on the fame of his hit song, Angela. The two-month-old song has over 3.3 million views on YouTube alone.

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The singer was a member of the Tergak band with rapper Octopizo and Barack Jacuzzi. They recorded songs before their fallout.

This year, we have had several celebrities' videos and photos leaked. 

Boutross photos are not the first ones to be shared by the controversial blogger. Not too long ago similar photos of influencer Georgina Njenga were making rounds on social media after the Tea Master shared them as well.

The videos were first leaked to Edgar Obare's channel, the videos that Georgina claimed had been leaked by a jilted lover whom she claims to have been with when she was 17 years old.

In an interview with Brit and Kiki, the guy disclosed that his life had changed and that he cannot find any peace because he worried someone was looking into his life.

"Georgina tafadhali naomba unisamehe sikuwa na ubaya wowote ilikuwa tu ni kazi, Baha sikuwa na ubaya na familia yako iyo, ilikuwa tu ni kazi. 

Wazazi wake kwa jumla naomba msamaha sana. Kisa na maana naishi kiunyama, naishi kama mwizi. ata mwenye amekaa karibu anakaa ni kama amekuja kukuchunguza. Sina amani." The man begged.

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