Bien's Wife Responds To Cheating Allegations

Chiki says she could see the accusations coming

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 11:45 AM  | Drama

Chiki Kuruka
Michelle Ntalami recently revealed that Makena Njeri was cheating on her with two ladies.

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One of the ladies was revealed to be a health worker alleged to be a lady called Theycallmedaktari, on Instagram. However, it was the reveal of the second lady, who Michelle had noted to be a public figure, that really had fans glued to their screens.

When Edgar Obare and his fans, who he dubs students, revealed that the alleged second mistress was, none other than Bien's wife, and popular dancer Chiki Kuruka.

According to posts on BnnKe Instagram stories, Edgar and his students suspected the two of the alleged relationship because they had taken a picture in close proximity of each other. They also noted that the two were both queer and thus the suspicions were just a matter of convenience.

On getting wind of this, Chiki took to her Instagram stories to comment on the matter. She noted that the allegations were entertaining to her.

The dancer alluded to the fact that fans were just tying her to the allegations due to her close friendship with Makena and her queer status which makes it convenient for people to add two and two together, even though nothing is happening.

Chiki and Makena seem to be close, in fact, in one of Chiki's recent Instagram posts the dancer shared a photo of her and the journalist at what seemed like an event. In the caption, she noted they were business partners.

Makena even commented on the photo with a simple statement as she just posted the word "powerhouse", without any emojis or anything (keeping it professional). So, the question is are they hiding in plain sight, or are they truly just friends?

No matter the situation, Chiki should be fine with her husband Bien either way, the famous singer recently noted that it was okay for his wife to have partners in their marriage. He pointed out that they have an understanding and their union was open.

Makena on the other hand was publicly dumped by her former lover, Michelle Ntalami. Ntalami noted that Makena had broken her trust with them ( don't be alarmed Makena identifies as non-binary and her preferred pronouns are they/them) and thus wasn't in a place to be dating her. Ntalami did all this in a three-part open letter posted to her Instagram page.

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