'I got Tested for HIV'- Betty Kyalo Speaks on Taking A Week off

Resting is healthy

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 09:39 AM  | Betty Kyallo  | Drama

Former news anchor Betty Kyalo has been taking a week-long rest to calm her body and regain her vitals following two straight months full of hustle and bustles with very little rest. 
Speaking on her Vlog “Betty Kyallo Lately” which is on episode 29 now, Kyallo narrated how she noticed her health was deteriorating because of lack of rest and needed to take some time off to recharge.
“It has been a very interesting last couple of days and that’s why I decided to start with sort of a monolog to just talk to you guys and just tell you one or two things that I’ve been going through that I feel is very important for us to discuss,” said Kyalo in her Vlog when starting.
Kyalo went on to explain that last week she was having a good time with friends at the office when she suddenly felt a sharp headache and then felt sick out of nowhere. 

She called her personal doctor who checked up on her and was worried about her blood pressure. Eventually, Kyalo was advised to stay at home for a while and take a break. 
During this whole process, Kaylo also took a string of tests with HIV being one of them. And she looked really happy she did it. 
“You know how you feel your body like there’s something not just right?” Kyalo said. “That’s how I was feeling. I decided to also check my HIV status.”
Watch the vlog below:
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Cover Image: Instagram/Betty Kyallo