Behind The Scenes: Betty Kyalo Shares Why Interview With Churchill Almost Made Her Cry

Emotional toll

By  | Sep 17, 2020, 11:52 AM  | Betty Kyallo  | Drama

Former news anchor Betty Kyalo was recently featured on Churchill's Journey Series on NTV and according to her, it wasn't just another ordinary interview.

"It was like I was reciting my life story directly to the lens and I got so emotional," Betty Kyalo said in a Q&A on social media.

"At one point I nearly broke down but I tried to hold myself and be strong. I was literally being honest with myself in that interview; I accepted my not-so-pretty past and I openly spoke about it."

Betty confessed that sharing all the things she has undergone and hearing her family share good things about her, made her melt from inside.

“I’m happy I was alive to hear what my family had to say about Betty. In life, tell the people you love, what you think about them, what you love about them, what they do that makes you happy. Don’t wait to say it to them at their funeral or on their sickbed,” she went on.
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She was rather surprised and impressed when her father opened up about their relationship which has been somewhat rocky since Betty was a young girl.

"He called me “daddy’s girl”. He was so proud of me and that was so special to me. I even texted him and said, “dad thank you so much for saying all those amazing words to me”. Because I never got to hear them many times while growing up. I got to hear what he actually thought about me," she said. 

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