Benpol Writes Anerlisa An Apology Letter

Humble pie

By  | Jan 17, 2023, 08:08 PM  | Drama

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After a few days of drama between Benpol and his ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai, the singer has finally swallowed a humble pie and apologized to the Nero company CEO  on his Instagram page. 

Benpol has written a short apology indicating that his statement during the interviews he conducted was not intended to hurt Anerlisa and that it was coming from a place of honesty and him trying to talk about his mental struggles. 

"I want to apologize for the things I said about my marriage during my series of interviews with Millard Ayo, which started broadcasting on the 13th of January, 2023. My intention was never to hurt but to share my experience of the marriage, an experience I take full responsibility for, I also wanted to articulate how it affected my mental health.

However, I recognize that my words were hurtful to my ex-wife and I apologize to her and the public. While I do want to continue to talk about mental health and speak about my experiences, I will strive to do so in a way that is more mindful and more constructive," the statement read.
This comes just a day after Anerlisa posted on her Instagram telling him to keep her name out off his mouth. 

"After a long calculated thought I decided not to talk about my past relationship because I realized it is not worth my time and I am better than that but just to make something clear to Ben, It's been 2 years since we separated, I am not your wife and clearly not your friend. Move on and stop hoping we will get back together, it will never happen. You know very well if I did an interview sijui utaficha sura wapi. So to save you from embarrassment, keep any topics about you away from your mouth (even the positives about me) and focus on your mental health. My name cannot be used every time you feel irrelevant or want to promote your songs. If the music career has failed then look for a job or go back to school. Done."
 The drama began after a video of Benpol surfaced. In an interview, the musician claimed that he never enjoyed his marriage to Anerlisa since their marriage was for the gram, meaning they were just taking pictures and posting and never had time for a normal marriage.

Anerlisa was so angered by the claims and threatened to expose messages that Ben Pol had been sending her, hinting that he still wants her.

 "If you are a man enough, I dare you to share what you have been sending me since December 25th." Anerlisa posted.
Screenshots of their Whatsapp conversation later leaked where Benpol was seen begging Anerlisa to give their relationship a second chance. You will note that Anerlisa moved on to a new relationship a few months ago. This now appears to be the last nail in the coffin of Ben and Anerlisa's relationship.

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