Wewe Shugulika Na Diana! Bahati Rebuked After Naming His Favorite Tanzanian Presidential Candidate

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By  | Oct 16, 2020, 08:42 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Tanzanian elections are heating up and citizens are coming out to publicly share their preferable presidential candidates.

Singer Diamond Platnumz, who has been campaigning for President John Pombe Magufuli, was recently on social media to cement his support by announcing he will vote for him come October 28 when Tanzanians go to the ballot.

In the process, he asked all those who will vote for Pombe to share a comment saying they will vote for him and that's where singer Bahati comes in.

Image: Instagram/Bahati

The singer, who is a good friend of Diamond, went on to comment that he's also in support of Magufuli, something that a lot of followers didn't like.

Many were quick to shun him, urging him to focus on Kenyan issues.

"Kura yangu UMEIPATA... Tafadhali Naomba Comment UMEIPATA kama nawe unaungana nami katika kumpigia kura Mwenyekiti Dr. Joh Pombe Magufuli oktoba 28.... pia aone kias gani Vijana tunamuamini na tutampa Ushindi wa Kishindo Tareh 28 Oktoba 👇🏼 #UMEIPATA #Magufuli5Tena #achakaziiendelee" said Diamond on Instagram.

Bahati commented:

"Umeipata! Tuletewe Kikapu Cha Kupiga Kura Nairobi Nasisi Tumpe Magu."

Here are some of the reactions:
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