Timeline of Bahati And Diana’s Break Up

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By  | Nov 30, 2020, 11:03 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Bahati and Diana Marua seem to be going their separate ways amid all kinds of dirty laundry being washed publically online. And it’s honestly, just a mess.

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Mostly because Diana decided to clear the air with a confirmation on Instagram, while Bahati remains going about his life while hanging with the boys.

At this point, multiple confused fans have commented on the sudden development, with urgent interest in Bahati and Diana’s possible break up, and to be honest, it is a sticky and messy situation that deserves a  breakdown. So how did the two reality TV lovebirds get here?

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October 21: Bahati's "fake" Mercedes gift

After Diana bought him a Range Rover for his birthday back in 2018, Bahati gets trending on Instagram for returning the favour. He makes a grand gesture by gifting Diana a brand new Mercedes Benz. But reports emerge that the gift is fake and that Bahati is only pretending that he bought Diana the new car.

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October 26: Bahati baby mama drama

Yvonne Obura popularly known as Bahati’s baby mama comes out fighting and crying over online abuse she keeps receiving. Yvonne states that she is sick and tired of trolls always commenting on her life and relationship with Bahati. The curvy business owner discloses that the online drama has exhausted her and she just wants to be left alone. “I grew a thick skin but I am still human. I have feelings.”

November 4: Drunk in love

Diana and Bahati are caught on camera looking high and tipsy while on holiday. Fans on Instagram have a field day when Diana posts several videos of herself seemingly punch drunk and looking like she’s about to stumble and fall at any moment. In another video, she is grinding hard on Bahati.

November 17: The confessions of a gold digger

In a shocking admission Diana says that she used to date other men for their money even while still with Bahati. She admitted to the financial arrangements of the extra-marital affairs on her YouTube channel saying, "I dated guys for money, I had someone who would pay my rent, another would do the shopping, another one would cater for my wardrobe."

November 28: Bahati cheats

Fans on social media gets the first hint that there is trouble in the Bahati and Diana marriage when she deletes all his photos and changes her name on Instagram. Bahati seems to confirm his cheating when he comes out to admit that "no man is perfect."

November 30 (Today): Diana posts break up confirmation?

Diana seems to confirm the separation in an early morning post, today (November 30). She wrote in full caps, clearly wanting to get the message through loud and clear, "SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO UNFOLLOW PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. GOD BLESS MY NEXT CHAPTER."

Is this the end of Bahati and Diana's drama-filled marriage? Only time will tell. But for now, it seems like there's major trouble in paradise.

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