The 2 Million Fraud Case That Might Finish Bahati's Career

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Singer Bahati’s woes seem to never end. His marriage is falling apart with the judging view of the public and now he is in court battling cases.

Appearing before Milimani Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, Bahati said Peter Blessing signed a contract in 2019 to be nurtured musically by his EMB Record Label and promised to have all returns go to the stable, a deal he allegedly did not honor.

Bahati and his ex-signee Peter Mwanyalo aka Peter Blessing have been in acourt tassle where his manager Lawrence Munyao aka Weezdom testified against the latter in a Ksh.2 million fraud case.

Being the key witness, Bahati was testifying against Peter Blessing who is accused of conning him out of Sh2million by false pretences after he left the EMB record label.

Bahati told the court that Blessing knelt in front of his car requesting him to help him boost his music career in July last year. He also added that Blessing had been trying to see him for close to eight months without much success.

He accused Blessing of signing a contract in 2019 to be nurtured musically by EMB records and promised to have all returns go to EMB records Studios, a promise he allegedly did not honour.

"He knelt In front of my car and asked me to help me boost his music career. He told me he could sing and asked for my support. After which I would recoup my investments from his performances and music sales,"

Testified the singer.

The newly labelled cheater and ex gospel artist Bahati, lamented of how he used to pay rent for blessing and buy his clothes and food.

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"I used to pay his rent, bought his clothes and even the food that he ate, I paid for it,”

He added that his former signee Blessing, would go to shows and not inform the label.

"He has been earning through performances and getting other benefits from the music we recorded for him without our knowledge, this has caused us losses because we are yet to recover our expenditures on him."

Lawrence Munyao, Bahati's manager testified that EMB studios records used the Sh2,039,000 on Blessing hoping it would be recovered when he becomes his own brand but he left unceremoniously.

Munyao told the court that they only learnt on blogs and from the media of the Blessing's announcement that he left EMB and was now an independent.

The young artiste through his "new management" released a press statement on February, asking that matters be settled out of court. 

Peter Blessing's team said they were shocked that a gospel artiste wanted to settle scores in the court room.

"It is a shock to the country that a gospel artiste has chosen to settle scores with other artistes through the courts. It is an embarrassment to the gospel of Jesus Christ," 

The statement read.

Given that Mr.Bahati is no longer a gospel artist, or maybe he is – at this point we can’t tell. His choice to take the matter to court rather than turn the other cheek as per the gospel or settle out of court is no surprise. Bahati is done being nice to everyone including his wife who is has cheated on and dumped.

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