Single And Ready To Mingle; Bahati's New Lover

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By  | Dec 03, 2020, 09:19 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Singer Bahati and his wife are on the way to a messy divorce if what is has been happening is anything to go by. 

After he was caught cheating, the singer left town and has not been at his home with his wife. He went on to Akothe’s daughter graduation party where he was not afraid to show how single he is now.

The former gospel star also took a picture with journalist Lilian Muli who is also single after breaking things off with her hubby. The two looked perfect but Bahati may be eyeing on to rekindle things with his first baby mama Yvette.

He recently posted a picture of Yvette, praising her on being a good mother just a few days after his alleged cheating scandal erupted. 

Yvette and the singer’s soon to be ex-wife Diana have never seen eye-to-eye. This may be the reason he posted her, to make Diana see he does not care for the marriage anymore.
Well, we asked you, who you preferred and as the fans you have spoken loud and clear. Most fans prefer Yvette over Diana. The fact that Yvette keeps her private life out of the public and stays out of Bahati’s business has earned her points in being the best for Bahati.
Diana is seen as a show-off who does not even love her step-daughter. The fact that she is older than Bahati and comes across as a gold-digger made her very unliked by fans.

In a new post, Diana has come out to ask for help to get a new apartment, this just shows that the matrimonial home is no longer a place she wants to be at. Will Yvette be taking over as the new Mrs. Bahati? 
In the past, Yvette disclosed how co-parenting was difficult, adding that they argued a lot with Bahati on how to raise their daughter. These may have been contributed further by how Diana was trying to show how good of a step-mom she is by posting pictures of Yvette’s daughter without Yvette’s consent. 

Bahati’s baby mama once disclosed that she and Diana are not friends and that they do not talk much. She added that they only communicate when she goes to pick up her daughter. 

Now that Bahati is single, will he be going back to Yvette judging from how nice he has been treating her off late? Will he be continuing with his affair with his mysterious mistress or has he seen some potential with Lilian Muli?

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