Diana And Bahati Reveal Why They Faked Their Breakup

Do anything for clout...

By  | Dec 03, 2020, 01:51 PM  | Bahati   | Drama

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The Bahati and Diana story just took a turn living many shocked. The two were clout chasing. They tried to convince fans that they were about to get divorced. Some fans were doubtful of the whole break-up and they were absolutely right to doubt the two clout chasing celebs.

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Bahati and Diana started by unfollowing each other on social media, a video of Bahati with a woman who he was supposedly cheating with surfaced and later on Diana begun looking for a new house to move in to. Diana even snubbed her step-daughter’s birthday when Bahti posted his baby mama Yvette. These two really went all out to fake the break-up.

With the reason behind the clout chasing finally revealed, fans are left wondering just how bad Bahati’s career is doing for them to fake a break up in order to release a new song.
The whole spectacle was for a song! As seen on the post shared by Bahati – the new song dubbed Mtawachana tuu is special dedication to Diana his wife and Bahati talks about how he would never leave or hurt the love of his life.

The two took to social media to announce the new song and video which has gained 47 thousand views as of two hours after it’s release. 

Diana did a live Instagram video where she and Bahati were headed to the studio for the launch of the music video. 

In the live video, the two laughed at their haters, saying how they were the inspiration that keeps them together.
We however do not get why they would go to the extent of lying to their friends. When Diana was looking for a house, fellow vlogger Maureen Waititu, tried to help her out. She just the rest of us was left looking stupid for trying to support the couple.

Bahati and Diana have been faking and doing break-up pranks for a while, comments from fans were that they cry wolf a lot and when one day they actually do go through a rough patch in their marriage, no one will believe them, let alone offer to help them out. 

With their situation now confirmed, questions still linger. Is Weezdom and his wife back together too? Why did Diana snub her step-daughter on her birthday and did was Mr. Seed part of the whole sham?

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