Diana And Bahati Caught On Camera Allegedly Drunk

Wueh! Hii ni moto!

By  | Nov 04, 2020, 03:32 PM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Fans on Instagram had a field day when Bahati and Diana posted several videos of himself and bae on vacation. They commented on how seemingly drunk they were. When you watch closely at the video, Diana looks tipsy. She looks like she’s about to stumble the next moment.

In another video, she is grinding on Bahati, just like club-goers do. Please note that Diana has previously confessed to having been an alcoholic before. Diana had several men for different needs; be it clothes, hair, alcohol, and rent. Diana also said that she would drink from Monday to Monday.

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However, Diana is yet to publicly declare that she stopped taking alcohol. This is the post that Bahati put on IG…Diana is seen dancing crazily.

And this is the dirty dancing video that made fans conclude that Diana was drunk.

Many fans have noted that and were quick to comment. Here are some of the comments we got from the post, clearly showing that fans feel that the two were drunk:

This is scandalous, considering the fact that they are a self-proclaimed gospel couple. Just like in the case of DJ Mo’s downfall, if they don’t watch what they are doing, it may mess them up.

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Diana and Bahati have been trending of late. For their anniversary, Bahati ‘bought’ Diana an expensive Mercedes Benz. They took fancy photos, went on a ride with it. However, the new car has since disappeared from their social media gradually. We are yet to see if they will still be having it next year. 

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