Cyprian Nyakundi Calls Out Trolls Bahati And Diana

Mutaachana tu!

By  | Dec 04, 2020, 01:42 PM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Controversial blogger and self-proclaimed president of the Men's Club, Cyprian Nyakundi has had just about enough of Bahati.

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The outspoken Cyprian who has been locked out of his Twitter account several times because of his abusive posts, did not mince his words in his message to the reality TV star couple of Bahati and Diana Marua.

The duo have taken the social media world through the ringer this last week with a manufactured scandal aimed at promoting their new song "Mutaachana Tu." The song has gone viral and is currently trending at number 2, only behind Diamond's smash hit "WAAH!".

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In his post, Cyprian not only disses Bahati's past and his musical abilities, but also accuses his wife Diana of being a second-hand wife. 

"Rehabilitated chokoraa Bahati who sings the shittiest songs in this country, together with his brand new second-hand wife Diana, faked a break up just to chase clout. Kenyans should start boycotting these childish stunts."

Cyprian is not the only person who is notably disappointed in Bahati and Diana's breakup stunt. Yesterday (December 3), Willy Paul too had some criticism and shade for Bahati.

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Pozze had this to say about Bahati and and another Gospel artiste, Ringtone Apoko;

 "Surely hawa watu wawili ni mziki imewashinda ama kila saa ni umama na kiki??? Kaeni chini mjionee moto!!".

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Ringtone and Otile Brown are not spared by Cyprian either. The blogger continued his vicious thread by attacking the two "untalented" musicians for bribing media to overplay their songs.

"Don’t forget to switch off your TV’s anytime Otile Brown and his silly love songs comes on. Together with Ringtone Apoko, these artistes have bribed Githeri media to overplay their crap, initially meant for mboches and house-girls."

Bahati and Diana continue to draw sharp criticism from peers and fans alike for their fake "cheating scandal". From the moment Bahati and Diana started by unfollowing each other on social media, a video of Bahati with a woman who he was supposedly cheating with surfaced and later on Diana begun looking for a new house to move in to. It was all pre-planned.

Diana even snubbed her step-daughter’s birthday when Bahati posted his baby mama Yvette.

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