Bahati's Assistant Kidnapped!

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Diana and Bahati have had quite the year and as the new year starts, they are already trending. On the 31st of December 2020, Diana shared a video on her YouTube channel where she revealed how her personal assistant Emmah was kidnapped.

This was just a few days after Diana and Bahati celebrated the singers birthday in style.

Emmah who is Bahati’s assistant was kidnapped by people who pretended to be good Samaritans. She narrated the ordeal tearfully. She said on that day, Bahati had just dropped her off at Garden City mall along Thika road. It was late at night almost curfew time and she had to take a bus home.
As she was waiting for her uber, a personal car approached and asked if she needed a lift. Since the driver of the car was a woman, Emmah did not see any harm in getting in the car. Once she got in, someone from the back of the car hit her and she fell, that is when they tied her up and blindfolded her.

They asked for the passcode to her phone and went on to call Bahati for ransom money. They demanded Ksh.10,000. Bahati called the DCI and the authorities tracked the number to Thika.

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All this while Emmah was being beaten up by the kidnappers and threatened. Diana and Bahati managed to get to a police station in Thika where they hoped they would find Emmah.

Since they had not sent the cash, the kidnappers felt that Bahati was tracking them, they dropped Emmah by the side of the road, where she walked trying to get help. Eventually a matatu picked her up and took her to the police station and she was able to contact her bosses, Diana and Bahati.

The Bahati's have advised their fans not to get into any personal car with people they don't know and to be careful while boarding any vehicle.

Fans felt sympathy for Emmah while others shared their experience, claiming to have gone through the same thing. Some fans were however sceptical about the whole story siting it as a gimmick for the couple to gain likes on social media.

The couple is known to clout chase with scripted stories, so it is not surprising that people don’t believe the story. Anyways, we do hope Emmah is well and that the kidnappers get arrested.

Some comments were;

 Millicent Ochieng

Pliz EMB, console her, and baha, pliz may you just buy Emma a car even the cheapest, or have a companies car taking your workers to their destinations. May God protect you Emma, I love you so much.

Kiki zizoisha😏😏💔Sasa toa hit ingine na it Would like be,,,,,"emmah alipopotea,nilimtafutanga kama Shillingi kwa Ya pili.Wakisema,Atapatikana tu,,,Tena atapatikana tuh"....Nonsence😂😂
Aiiii....... Why does it sound like a scam... 😂😂

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