Bahati Rekindles Romance With Baby Mama Yvette

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Celebrity couple Kevin Kioko alias Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are going through a rough patch in their marriage. Well, the singer allegedly cheated on his wife with a woman introduced too him by his manager’s wife. Some claim he cheated with his manger Weezdom’s wife.

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Speaking during a previous interview, Marua explained that relationships are not perfect like many people on social media make it seem.  She said that relationships are not just about goals, need commitment, hard work and perseverance. 

“Relationships are not a bed of roses, at least from my experience. Social media can be quite deceiving at times because some people only highlight the best moments of their lives. No one shows you their downfall or the challenges they experience in this journey of life. The fact that we've been raised differently and come from different backgrounds, we have had our own tough share of 'bitter' love and even thrown in the towel.”

So, yesterday December 1st was Bahati’s daughter Mueni’s birthday. Mueni is the love child of Bahati and his ex-lover Yvette Obura. Rumour has been that Diana and Yvette do not see eye to eye and that Diana doesn’t care for the child at all. 

After the cheating fiasco transpired, Bahati has decided to go back to his former flame and their child. In a post on Instagram he asked fans to help him pick a destination for the three.

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Diana Marua and Yvette Obura have been competing for Bahati’s resources including his attention, time and most importantly, money. Given the new circumstances, Yvette might just be getting it all.

In the past, Vyette disclosed how co-parenting was difficult, adding that they argued a lot with Bahati on how to raise their daughter. 

 “Tunakuwanga na arguments every now and then but the main focus ni Mueni, sisi ni non-factor.” 

Said Vyette while appearing on Bahati’s reality TV show. 

Diana took on the step-mother role and painted a perfect blended family picture. She would take pictures with Mueni and post for everyone to see how amazing she is a step-mom. 

Well, all her efforts have gone down the drain, Diana is left holding back tears. Bahati taking back his first family is a clear sign that their marriage is crumbling and may never recover.
The good wife, Diana on her part has been sharing cryptic messages and showing off her two biological kids with Bahati and their adopted son Morgan. She did not wish Mueni a happy birthday as she had done previously. 

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