Bahati Caught Cheating On Diana

Heartbreaks, Ouch!

By  | Nov 30, 2020, 11:24 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Social media is on fire right now as fans await some type of confirmation on whether Bahati and Diana are indeed separating.

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Yesterday, November 28th is a day Diana will be reminded of if this happens to be just one of their scripted dramas. On this day, she deleted all of Bahati’s pictures from her instagram and changed her name from Diana Bahati to Miss Dee.

This move have been pulled by many women online. The likes of Betty Kyalo who changed her twitter name and bio after separating with then husband Dennis Okari and also vlogger Maureen Waitutu deleted all of her ex boyfriends pictures on her social before announcing their separation.

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Back to Diana and Bahati; their marriage has been shaky since last year when in May 2019, Bahati’s PA Emma Diana went on to claim that there is a certain lady who never misses Bahati’s concerts; and judging from her closeness with Baba – Emma was convinced that she was behind Marua’s marriage troubles.

The assistant said;

“Tumekuwa tukienda event, naona ana flirt na mademu. Kwanza kuna huyu particular chick, kila event ako hapo, sijui anajuanga aje mahali concert za Baha hukuwa but mimi humuona hapo frontline kila siku. Hata kama nakwambia I still have fear juu ya job. There is no way huyu demu atakuwa nakuja kila concert Baha ako naakae hapo frontline aje.”

Well, the couple rose from this and went on to being a happy family. They even sort for council from their pastor. 

A year later, things seem not to be so rosy anymore. Rumour has it that Bahati might be involved with Weezdom’s wife Stacey’s friend called Nimmoh Sally. As usual lady friend’s will always introduce their single friends to potential boyfriends; and just like that Stacey may have decided to help out her friend.

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Weezdom is the guy who exposed Mr Seed’s cheating. The allegations were unfounded and Seed and his wife are stronger than ever. In fact, Seed shared a video of him and his wife shortly after Bahati and Diana’s separation rumours started saying that he and his wife are never letting each other go. He later deleted the caption but the video still remains. 

Moments after the photo was shared on Edgar Obare; singer Bahati went on to issue a stun warning to bloggers weighing in his marriage. He used some not so Christian word to show how serious he is. The lad later deleted the caption but not before we got the screenshot.

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Bahati has since gone out of Nairobi as seen on his IG. He claims it’s time to go away for a breather. Diana has been busy promoting her brand and showing her love to her daughter Heaven Bahati.

We are not sure if this is a scripted drama as they normally do or a real issue. All we can do is wait and see how it all infolds. As for their marriage, well, only the two of them can decide what will happen, but most probably it’ll end up like Size 8 and DJ Mo.

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