"No Man Is Perfect" - Bahati says After Cheating Scandal

Blame the devil...

By  | Nov 29, 2020, 09:04 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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The marriage between vlogger Diana Marua and ‘gospel’ singer Bahati might be going under very soon. The two have been going through a cheating scandal that might break up their home. 

It is alleged that Bahati cheated on Diana with a lady who was introduced to him by Weezdom’s wife Staicey. Quick to note that Weezdom and his wife Staicey have also deleted most of their pictures together and have unfollowed each other on Instagram. It may be the two are not seeing eye to eye. Weezdom posted a picture of Diana and Bahati making a point that no man or woman should separate them.

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The Bahati crew seems to be tackling each other with subtle remarks from all over. Mr Seed has been having a field day, mocking his former friend and boss Bahati. He had shared a receipt of a meal he bought his new crew. The cost of the meal was Ksh.105 thousand. He also pointed out that him and his wife are not breaking up ever.

After the news of their crumbling marriage hit the blogs, Diana is seen to be ignoring it all and pretending to be okay. She is at home with their three kids. She has been sharing videos of her and the kids out shopping and having fun. 

Meanwhile Bahati is out of town with a new crew that compromise of DK Kwenye beat. He posted a picture of them together stating that no man is perfect.
If you remember DK was accused of infecting a fan with a sexually transmitted disease. The gospel singer who is known for hit tracks was engulfed in a sex scandal after a young woman shared her story where she had a threesome with the ‘Asusu’ singer and fellow entertainer Hope Kid in March 2019. The young woman shared the intimate and gory details and went on to reveal that she ended up getting a sexually transmitted infection from the sexual encounter. 

The prominent artist was disgraced for his actions and as public pressure continued to mount; DK had no choice but to make a public apology

Later he denied ever sleeping with the girl or even infecting her with any disease. In a past interview he said;

“Mimi sikulala na binti yeyote wa Nakuru.” 

Speaking about how the scandal came about, Beat clarifies that the scandal was a result of schemes by bloggers and gospel musicians to malign and pull down his name. He goes on to point out the scandal was created by artists possessed by demons, and those are jealous of his success.

Bahati stood by his friend and even featured him in his show, 'Being Bahati.' The episode was dropped by NTV after the scandal broke. 

The two seem to have found each other and decided to be there for one another. No better person to help out than one who has been in the same boat. The only person missing from the picture is DJ MO. The three would be perfect cheating and scandal ambassadors

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