Bahati, Willy Paul Fight Over Diana

Battle of the singers

By  | Dec 03, 2021, 04:55 PM  | Drama

Willy Paul, Diana Marua and Bahati
Willy Paul has been bad-mouthing Diana and Bahati of late, calling them names and making fun of them. The Bahati’s have been remaining tight-lipped over the singer’s choice words, but it seemed Willy Paul finally got to them as Bahati finally responded to his rival.

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Willy Paul had taken to Instagram to diss Diana Marua after her newly released music video hit 1 million views in 4 days. In a now-deleted post, captured by Nairobi Gossip Club, Willy Paul alleges the reason Diana has garnered the views is that her husband bought them for her. 

The ever provocative Willy Paul also insinuated that the two of them share a romantic past together and she should be careful what she says about him. The singer went on to add that Diana can’t compete with him, as they are not on the same level, and she should instead compete with his new signee, Queen P.

On getting wind of this Bahati chose to respond to Willy Paul in a subliminal manner. Bahati chose to celebrate his wife’s new song (dropped on 12/3/2021). The song is titled One Day, and Bahati shared that he was happy about his wife’s growing influence in the music industry.

He noted that Diana had jumped into the music industry and was already more successful than existing musicians, and that is why they are jealous. The reason we suspect he was talking about Willy Paul is that Bahati noted that she had tripled the musician’s numbers (on Youtube).

Willy Paul’s song titled Diana, which most people thought was a dig at the Bahati’s was released 5 days before Diana’s smash hit Hatutaachna and has only managed to garner 300K views on YouTube. Compared to Diana’s 1M views in 4 days, Willy Paul is seemingly doing badly. 

Screenshot of Willy Paul's songs on YouTube.

Bahati noted as much, saying that the reason they don’t respond to haters is that they don’t like helping them to gain relevance. He added that whenever people start talking trash about other people’s success it’s because they have been overtaken. The experienced singer then gave his wife some career advice, noting that she should expect more hate as she continues to become more successful.

Diana responded to the post with a lot of joy and appreciation to her husband, the star thanked Bahati for mentoring her. She pointed out that she was proud to be his wife, and assured fans that she would not let them down.

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