Fans Divided On Azziad’s Body

They cant seem to agree

By  | Feb 23, 2022, 09:48 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Drama

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Popular social media personality, Azziad Nasenya’s body has been a bone of contention over the past couple of months. Fans can’t seem to get over how she changed seemingly overnight.

Fans have gotten into the habit of commenting about Azziad’s weight gain on her page of late, and the comments under her most recent post were not any different. Azziad had shared an image on her page to promote her recent endorsement with Denri Africa.

Azziad was promoting the latest bag by the company which was done in collaboration with her. She was calling on her fans to grab a bag if they did not have one already. Well, the fans showered the photo with over 24k likes in support of her endeavor. 

It was the comment section, however, that got a bit spicy as fans shared their opinions on what they were seeing from the photo. The first comment on the picture is of a fan who was a bit surprised that the person in the picture was Azziad. She went on to pose a question to that effect, which was answered by her fellow fans. 

They noted that Azziad had indeed added some weight and was certainly looking different. Comments that the star was adding weight were few and far between, however, as the comment section was mostly full of love. 

Some fans even noted that the weight Azziad had added was making her look even more beautiful than before. 

Such comments are not new to Azziad, she recently had to clap back at a fan who suggested that she had undergone surgery to enhance her body.  At the time, a fan noted that he wasn’t used to Azziad being so voluptuous. The fan went on to note that they were used to the Azziad of old and were wondering how she transformed so quickly. 

Azziad has been in the public eye for two years now, when she first started out she was a petite beauty with all the dance moves in the world. At the moment she is one of the curviest celebs around.

Do you think two years of fame is enough to transform one drastically? As we always say in Kenya, si kuchapa ni pesa tumekosa (we’re not ugly, we’re just broke). 

Well, one fan decided to answer for Azziad, noting that she underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance her look.

Upon getting wind of this, Azziad quickly interjected the fan, she denied having gone through surgery and noted that her secret to transforming was merely a three-pronged approach.

She noted that all she does is eat well, pray and mind her business. What a beauty regiment seems pretty doable. Do you think that a three-step approach could work for you as well?
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