Azziad In Turkey To Undergo Body Enhancement Surgery?

She has finally come clean about her trip

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 07:03 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Drama

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Kenya’s TikTok Queen and popular social media influencer Azziad Nasenya has been in the spotlight for some time, especially after she went MIA on most of her social media actions. 

As you can imagine, speculations went high on what must have been keeping her away from the socials, with many going as far as deducting that she could have been pregnant. 

Azziad who has been vacationing in Turkey the past few days has taken to her Instagram to give her fans and followers a sneak peak on how the lavish vacation is treating her and we love to see it. 

That however has not stopped trolls for coming at her with baseless allegations that she has since slammed. 

This is after one of her followers commented asking her whether or not she was in Turkey to go for body surgery and ruin her already perfect body shape.


The influencer quickly responded saying, β€œNow this mentality here, I don’t know what to call it. Who said visiting Turkey has to be about making your bodies and surgeries? Some of us love our bodies and appreciate them and would never change a thing. That aside, it’s 2022, wake up. People are traveling around the world; it is a tourist country.”

This is not the first time Azziad’s body has been a topic of debate online as many seemed to believe that there have been some drastic and somewhat unnatural changes over the past few years.

While others believe that she has not really gone under the knife, others are still convinced otherwise and there is no telling why. 

The last time this happened, Azziad was promoting one of her bags from her endorsement with bag company, Denri, and fans commented on her photo saying that she has added a bit of weight, and of course body shaming her which was quite unfortunate. 

And even though she may not have actively responded to what fans and netizens were saying about her, it is good to see that she has chosen to leave people to their own opinions and is embracing her body as is. 

That aside, it is good to see that she continues to break barriers and chase her dreams as big as they may seem to be. 

Despite what people say about her, she is the true epitome of the great places talent can take you, if only you match it up with hard work and determination.


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