Azziad Denies Having Surgery To Enhance Her Body

Are you buying it?

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 11:42 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Drama

Azziad Nasenya
Kenya’s Tik Tok queen, Azziad Nasenya has denied that surgery had anything to do with her body transformation. 

The star who became popular after a video of her dancing to Femi One and Mejja’s hit track Utawezana went viral on Tik Tok, was sharing some exciting news with her fans about her mobile phone game.

That’s right Azziad has a mobile phone game that you can download and play (talk about growth). As she was sharing the news on a video shared on her page, one fan took note of another type of growth.

Instead of congratulating the star on her recent achievement, this specific fan noted that he wasn’t used to Azziad being so voluptuous. The fan went on to note that they were used to the Azziad of old and were wondering how she transformed so quickly. 

Azziad has been in the public eye for two years now, when she first started out she was a petite beauty with all the dance moves in the world. At the moment she is one of the curviest celebs around.

Do you think two years of fame is enough to transform one drastically? As we always say in Kenya, si kuchapa ni pesa tumekosa (we’re not ugly, we’re just broke). 

Well, one fan decided to answer for Azziad, noting that she underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance her look.

Upon getting wind of this, Azziad quickly interjected the fan, she denied having gone through surgery and noted that her secret to transforming was merely a three-pronged approach.

She noted that all she does is eat well, pray and mind her business. What a beauty regiment seems pretty doable. Do you think that a three-step approach could work for you as well?

Azziad’s body aside, the star is a true testimony to talent opening doors for people that are willing to give it a shot. The gorgeous TikTok star has played to her success by jumping into spaces with opportunities to ride on her fame and popularity.

She has capitalised on her fame in more ways than one. Apart from continuing to be a social media influencer (which earned her a nomination for the African Social Star category at the 2021 E! People’s Choice Awards) she also got a job in media.

Azziad is currently a host on NRG radio where she has a breakfast show every morning. She is also currently in university pursuing a degree in mass communications. With her beauty and brains, Azziad is certainly the full package. What do you think?

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