Azziad Celebrates Her Graduation

Narrates the struggles and toil

By  | Nov 24, 2022, 09:36 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Drama

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Famous TikToker Dancer now turned influencer Azziad Nasenya has finally graduated.

The sound city radio host announced that she had graduated from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication where she was studying Broadcast Journalism.

The TikToker took to her socials to address people who were accusing her of buying her certificate saying that she did not have time to study. Responding to the rumors, Azziad stated that she took evening classes, which ran from 4 pm to 8 pm after work. 

"I did my evening classes, I woke up at 4 and go to radio up to around 10 am then go for meetings or create content then head for classes in the evening, it was hectic, especially with exams and projects," Azziad explained.

She also responded to the question of why she continued with school after fame, she said that she wanted to expand her knowledge, and she said that education helps one think critically. Azziad has promised to pursue her education further and wishes to become an international student ambassador.

Since she rose to fame, she has shown sheer hard work and dedication as she has worked with some of the largest companies in Kenya. She rose to fame after dancing to Femi One and Mejja Utawezana hit song and since then Femi and Azziad have had bad blood.
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Azziad Did Not Contribute To The Success Of My Hitsong - Femi One
Rapper Femi One is not backing down from slamming critics who think her hit song Utawezana got massive success because of Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya. Speaking to Citizen Radio Mambo Mseto's Willy M Tuva this past weekend, Femi One assured that the song is successful because of her efforts.

"First of all mimi na Azziad sio marafiki, hatujuani kabisa. Alifanya challenge just like anyone else mwenye alifanya na aka submit their video tuka post hio video," Femi One revealed.

She also mentioned that she never got asked for her side of the story in most interviews that she went on.

"Mimi na yeye hatuna issue yoyote. Ngoma ilikuwa ikuwe success. From kutoka tu record hio wimbo. From the creativity. From the storyline tulikuwa tunajua wimbo utafanya vizuri," she commented.

Femi One also noted that the song was bound to be a success without the publicity that came with the Tik Tok queen. She also slammed those who thought that a woman like her would not get the success that came with the song.

"Kusema ukweli ni mipango ya Mungu. Hatuwezi sema ni Mejja ama mimi. Ukifanya kazi nzuri the rest unaachia Mungu. Ni me naamini huo wimbo ulienda according to God's plan," she said.

"Honestly nilifeel venye nilipata hio backlash yote nilifeel watu wanani critisize sana juu mimi ni mwanamke na niko kwa industry. Sikuona watu waki criticize Mejja as much because people kwa society wanafeel like men wana deserve success," she divulged.

Femi One claimed that most people thought that she did not deserve the success that came with the song because she was a woman. They did not want to see her bask in the glory that came with the Utawezana hit.

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