Awiti Clapback At Troll For Body-shaming Her

People who body shame others on social media are definitely getting a taste of their own medicine.

By  | May 15, 2020, 05:17 PM  | Drama

Kenyan TV actress Winnie Rubi, popularly known as Awiti, is no stranger to controversy but when she is dragged she knows how to shut down haters. The Real Househelps of Kawangwar's actress, had to put a hater who decided to spew bile on her, in her place recently.

This follows after she posted snap-on Instagram, wearing a red dress and a troll body-shamed her. The troll made fun of her weight and, Awiti said she looks better than her.
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Some of her die-hard fans came to her defense and reprimanded those who made fun of her to stop, but Awiti went on and made the fan famous in a post which has been deleted where she posted the haters picture and spoke about how negative she is.

Winnie said the reason why some public figures are depressed is because of the cyber-bullying they experience on social media.
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Main Image Credit: BiggestKaka