Awinja Survives Major Scare While Riding A Rogue Camel

Watch scary moment.

By  | Feb 06, 2023, 03:09 PM  | Drama

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Sometimes we have no idea the lengths comedians go just to entertain us. Maybe we even underappreciate the effort it takes. But today, Jacky Vike who is popularly known as Awinja has given us a glimpse of the dangers people like her put themselves through at our behest.

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Awinja has posted a behind-the-scenes look inside her recent skit called Awinja's Perfect Wedding. As part of one episode, she and her onscreen groom, Osoro, take a ride on a camel across a park in the city.

But what they were not prepared for was for the camel to go completely rogue and take them on a wild and bumpy trip. We can hear Awinja scream in fear in the video which we can laugh at now- but was surely scary at the time. All the while, Osoro is scared beyond words as he silently holds on to dear life while seated behind Awinja on the camel's hump.

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Awinja shared the clip on her Instagram and had some light-hearted fun with her dangerous ordeal.

"The things we go through to bring you the best! Mi nawaambia Yani tumbo ilikua imejaa Maji kama kitu ingine, hii ngamia ilikua na Hasira inapiga makelele inaenda bila control, huyo mzee Wangu @osorosoro mnaona hapo si eti nikutulia, Zii!! Ni uwoga alikua anashikilia 😁"

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TV Stars Who Are Completely Unrecognizable In Real Life

Here are some of the most intense examples of TV transformations and stars who look nothing like their popular characters.

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5. Jacquey Nyaminde (Wilbroda)

Jackie Nyaminde is a Kenyan actress popularly known by her Papa Shirandula name Wilbroda. She played the role alongside the late Charles Bukeko for more than 10 years, bringing laughter to the homes of many families. She continues to appear on our TV screen via commercials in the same role we came to know her for. But off screen she's surprisingly nothing like the loud, village woman she portrays on screen.

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4. Mwanaasha Johari (Sultana)

Citizen TV drama Sultana has grown more and more popular ever since it took over from the concluded Zora. It has launched the career of its main star Mwanaasha Johari who plays the blind protagonist. What many people don't know is that Mwanaasha isn't blind in real life, although she plays it so convincingly on screen.

3. Nyce Wanjeri (Shiro)

Nyce Wanjeri became a fan favourite with TV audiences thanks to her role as Shiro, the talkative and naive house help in comedy Aunty Boss! Unfortunately, her stint on the show was cut short because of a contract dispute. She was so skilled that many people believed that her TV character was the real her. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

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2. Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau (Teacher Wanjiku)

The comedian shot to fame on the Chrurchill Show where she performed hilariously creative skits as a flamboyant teacher with a thick accent. But beneath her popular character, Carolyne is the complete opposite of Teacher Wanjiku- complete with an urban chic style that oozes class.

1. Jacky Vike (Awinja)

Popular Kenyan actress Jacky Vike, who is famed for her role as Awinja in Citizen TV's hit drama Papa Shirandula is a natural actor as we've ever seen in Kenya. Jacky's comedy comes effortlessly and she gets in and out of character as she pleases. As Awinja she is a wildcard who you may not know just what she'll cook up next, but as Jacky, she is as stylish and classy as they come.
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