Avril Laments Over Music Video

Wait until I die

By  | May 02, 2022, 11:19 AM  | Avril  | Drama

Avril Laments Over Music Video
Over the last few days, Avril has been on the trend after a song she just released failed to get even a thousand views even after 8 hours. this was highlighted by Nimrod Nick who posted on his social media asking Kenyans why they are not feeling her music.

So a broken-hearted Avril responded lamenting how people will play her music after she is long dead.

"Don't worry the songs I've done over time will trend at least for a while, maybe even get love. Never worry. Thanks for the post, the mockery, and the love."

The song in question is called Danger of Avril featuring Brandy Maina.

The reason this is concerning is that Avril has been a big name in the entertainment industry for years. The singer rose to the limelight through her song Chokoza which she was featuring another artist who went under the covers, Marya. 

Back then the two were signed by Ogopa records. There has been a rising concern about where the former big musical stars in the Kenyan entertainment industry have been fading off from the industry. 

There are very few artists who have managed to maintain their frame and relevance in the music industry since back in the day. Among them are Juacali, Wahu, and Nameless. 

Nyashinski had also faded after he left music and moved to the United States of America but on returning to the country he had a historic come back in the music industry and has gone further to be among the biggest artists in the country at the moment.

This comes even as the debate rages on, why Kenyan music has been surpassed by Tanzania and West African music. Kenyan artists are far from the charts when it comes to music streaming. 

To the most recent statistics, top on the list of musicians who are reaping big from the music industry are Tanzanian artists being led by Diamond Platinumz Rayvanny Harmonize, Mbosso, and Zuchu. 

The only Kenyan artists who have managed to break the ceiling and give the Tanzanian stars some competition are Otile Brown and Willy Paul who at the moment are the musicians with the highest number of subscriptions in the country. 

This has been an issue comedian Eric Omondi has been pushing for a long time, arguing that Kenyan artists don't get the much they deserve through their work.

The comedian has even staged a protest outside the parliament building demanding that a law be passed to have 75% of Kenyan content be played on Kenyan media. 

The members of parliament gave him an assurance that they are going to start the motion in parliament and so he should come out of the cage and give them time to address them.

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