Another Video Of Bridget Achieng Doing Rounds

Wait, again?

By  | Oct 13, 2021, 08:26 AM  | Drama

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The tea master has exposed Bridget Achieng of allegedly conning visitors/ tourists who are visiting Kenya. According to the tea master, Bridget plans with police officers who come to harass the guests, be it at a house party or whatever. In one video shared by the tea master, Bridget is heard speaking in vernacular telling a couple of police officers to ask for fifty thousand bribe each and they will share later.
This was happening at a police station where a number of Nigerians had been arrested. They were at a party together with Bridgit. By now you already know about Nigerians in the city. Especially the ones that hang around Roysambu? I hear these guys are loaded like crazy! Have you ever attended a party hosted by these folks? Crazy, man! You see the way they normally throw money around in those Nigerian movies? Yes, that is what they still do in reality. Money no be wahala for dey.
Anyway, back to Bridget Achieng, this article is about her, not the Nigerians. Bridget Achieng is a city socialite and we are being honest with each other here, she has trended for so many bad reasons. This year in particular has been really rough on her. No, actually it started last year after she did the interview with the BBC and later she claimed that they portrayed her as a prostitute.

This year, was her viral nude video that made rounds on social media. Honestly, I would like to think that was the toughest time for her. Imagine everyone trolling her for how she looks? That must have been really hard. When the video started doing rounds, Bridget was in Nigeria and the person who shared the video claimed that Bridget was there to do ashawo business. If you know, you know.
I think the pressure was too much and Bridget decided to run away from it. It has been two months since she moved to Istanbul where she revealed that the first month was really hard on her but somehow she managed to survive. She also announced that she was now a certified business owner in Turkey and she is working hard to provide for her son and family. Her son underwent a minor surgery recently by the way. How she does it? I don’t know. I don’t think I can be that far away from my son.

Anyway, what do you think about this Bridget Achieng video? She has always talked about how people are trying to come at her by saying false things about her that aren’t true. But now with this video, I don’t know what to think or believe. In the video, you can clearly hear her make a deal with the police on how much they should ask from these Nigerians. Anyway, a girl must do whatever to survive right?
Also, no one is here to judge anyone. Bridget Achieng is yet to respond to these allegations that have been made against her. I wonder what she will say this time.

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